MAG Multimedia Academic Global

Who we are


MAG is a Spin-off of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, the first promoted by an Italian Telematic University, the world leader in distance education. In MAG, the University excellence approach to distance education is complemented by the experience of major companies, thus defining a highly effective training potential for the employment.


Developing skills for the emplyment without limits of space and time.
Look for more advanced and effective models for the skills' transfer.
Orient and train towards new job opportunities.


Enhance the academic training activities of the International Telematics University UNINETTUNO by offering it to a wider audience eager to gain skills in employment area, thanks to an educational approach based on:

  • Modularity: The teaching material is developed in didactic modules
  • Multimedia: Integration between different media is implemented to diversify learning
  • Interactivity: The student has a dynamic approach to didactic material by utilizing a learning by doing methodology
  • Community-based: The platform is equipped with tools to foster collective learning contexts
  • Dynamism: The model is selected to acquire new skills just om time
  • Control: The platform is designed to continuously monitor the learning level