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IO3 - I4.0 competence meter

Leader: FHM
Co-leader: MAG

The output consists of an online tool able to assess the digital competences of companies and professionals towards the Industry 4.0 required skills. The tool starts with an online assessment, performing a multidimensional analysis of the users’ digital skills. The tool assesses the level of maturity with respect to each of the assessed dimensions and estimantes the distance with respect to the “ideal” level of maturity needed to successfully implement Industry 4.0 models. Then, the tool suggests learning programs useful to fill the eventual gap of competences.

• O3/A1 - Analysis of existing assessment tools
• O3/A2 - Design and testing of the assessment procedure
• O3/A3 - Validation of the assessment tool and tuning


Working documents are available in the Partners Area, accessible only to project partners.
Final documents will be published in this area.

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