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I4EU - Activities and Results

IO6 - Short Learning Programs

Leader: MAG
Co-leader: UNED

The output consists of a set of Short Learning Programs (SLPs), produced in different languages and addressing different aspects of Industry 4.0 related technologies and models, connected to the qualifications in O4/A2. The courses have different targets (above all companies, professionals, managers, developers) and are created by Universities, companies and experts of the sector (work based learning).

• O6/A1 - I4EU didactic model
• O6/A2 - Didactic contents technical production and reuse
• O6/A3 - I4EU qualifications piloting and final tuning


Working documents are available in the cloud Partners Area, accessible only to project partners.
Courses are be deployed in the e-learning area of the website.

Last Events

Kick-off Meeting: November 2019 - Bordeaux (France)

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Next Event

Second Partners' Meeting: May 2020 - Rome (Italy)


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