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Part V - Environmental Crimes

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Providing an overview on what an “envicrime” is, on the trends, kinds and geography of crimes, and on the main current tools to fight them.

Videos are available in english, french and arabic: to switch the language you can click on the headphone in each videolessons.

Articolazione didattica

Video lesson n.1 - Fighting environmental crimes

By LORENZO COLANTONI (Italy) - Researcher at the Energy, Climate and Resources Programme at IAI – Istituto Affari Internazionali and environmental journalist


Environmental crimes are on the rise, on both the European and the global level. Yet, a new set of political, economic, social and technological tools can counteract this trend. A fight in which the EU and its Green Deal are at the forefront.

Key contents:

  • Environmental crimes in Europe and the world
  • Trends, kinds and geography of crimes
  • Issues in fighting envicrime
  • The way forward: technology, politics and society
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