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European Network in D-Flexible Teaching

Global programme: ERASMUS+
Specific programme: KA2 - Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices
Call: 2021
Project number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000027551
Duration: 36 Months (2/14/2022 - 2/13/2025)
Project Manager: Sonia Maria Santoveña Casal
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Dario Assante


The crisis caused by COVID-19 has imposed, on the one hand, social isolation in different degrees depending on the evolution of the pandemic and, on the other hand, the adaptation of the universities' education system and learning processes to a digital model. On the one hand, social isolation has caused the disappearance of inter-university networks which under normal circumstances would have been strongly cohesive. The aim of this project is to re-establish the university network that allows the strengthening of connections between European universities, focusing on the teaching staff as intra- and inter-university anchors which facilitate the constitution of a knowledge transfer network related to good digital and flexible teaching practices. On the other hand, serious deficiencies have been observed while adapting the education system to the situational needs that have been demanded by a digital and/or blended model. Sixty percent of universities claim to have adapted their systems to a digital model, but few had the capacity to respond fully to the crisis. One of the mistakes committed during the pandemic because of the urgency of the situation was to make decisions without a clear idea about what type of distance or blended learning model to implement. The project will provide an answer to a common need detected across all the partner countries, i.e., the introduction of a learning programme specialising in online teaching methods that teachers can implement and adapt to their subjects and students.


The main objective of the project is the digital training of academics in digital pedagogies, and the involvement of this community in building distributed but cohesive network of cooperation for the exchange of good practices and digital transformation.
The specific objectives are:
  • Objective 1: Reinforce the design and outreach of flexible teaching practices that harness the resilience of university institutions to different pedagogical scenarios and facilitate educational access to disadvantaged groups.
  • Objective 2: Provide online training to lecturers on flexible digital teaching practices (connected, collaborative and research, active and invested) and the creation of accessible and inclusive content. To do so, we will harness a methodology based on microlearning (microlessons and Nano Open Online Courses) and on a critical, social, and network pedagogical model.
  • Objective 3: Cement a model of European inter-university cooperation by creating a cohesive and distributed university network where teachers are posited as intermediary connection nodes (anchors) within and between universities for the exchange of practices in flexible digital teaching methods.
  • Objective 4. Generate added value for the Erasmus+ programme by offering an online training programme in innovative digital methodologies that is multilingual (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese) and based on microlearning techniques (NOOCs).


MAG will lead the coordination of the content production phase in which the OERs will be developed. The remaining partners will collaborate on development according to the technical instructions from the MAG. These will be interactive and accessible resources (virtual reality, augmented reality and/or simulations) with open and multilingual access (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese).

MAG will be responsible for developing and updating the consortium’s responsive open website.


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