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Erasmus : Building Up Skills

Global programme: Erasmus Plus
Specific programme: KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Call: 2018
Project number: 2018-1-TR01-KA204-058241
Duration: 24 Months (9/1/2018 - 8/31/2020)


ErasmusBUS will develop online training for VET/HE trainers and students in the fundamentals of engineering and electrical design.

The training module aims at augmenting the training offer in VET/HE in the automotive sector by a module (Level 5 EQF) on the fundamentals of mechanical, engineering, electrical and hydraulic design enabling future professionals in car repair and maintenance to understand, interpret and implement technical drawing design therefore widening their knowledge and competences.

The activities of ErasmusBUS will be the observatory and test bed for research and publication of a strategy. A document will identify the possible way forward and the benefits of the introduction of Modular Learning in VET and in lifelong learning in professions. The strategy will be strong because it will be the result of a practical experiment and it will be comprehensive because it will have the input of all the partners and of stakeholders in education across Europe and the world


ErasmusBUS is a reaction to the tendency that innovation in curriculum in VET only takes place to keep up with changes and demands of the labour market and industry. New modules are added or changes are made to try to keep up with technological change taking place. In the case of the automotive industry, for example the introduction of electronics brought about new areas of VET like mecatronics. This is necessary but it assumes that after their school years students will stay in the car repair and maintenance industry for the rest of their lives.

ErasmusBUS starts the practice of giving a wider vision to future professionals in the automotive industry by augmenting their knowledge and competences from fields that are closely connected with the sector so that they have more background knowledge, better understanding of what they do and also see outside what is strictly within the car repair and maintenance garage. It will do so through the introduction of the Modular Learning methodology that can also be transferred to other sectors of VET and HE.

The project is also in part inspired by a successful practice started in another ongoing project called Creative InternPrize also coordinated by Akdeniz University in which young people are engaged in real projects in real market conditions through cooperation between VET providers and industry.


The project objectives are:

  1. Promote the practice of modular learning to provide cross-disciplinary knowledge, competences, literacies and vision to VET students. In this way students can start their career with a wider vision of the industry in which they will practice their profession; can see more possibilities to further their studies in VET or HE not necessarily in the automotive sector. They may be inspired to change their learning path should they have lost interest or are for some reason disgruntled with their present schooling and are therefore in danger of becoming ESLs. They can have better chances of better employment because they bring value added to their employer and have more options of job mobility into other industries.
  2. Train VET trainers in the automotive sector (but this can be transferred to many more sectors) in the fundamentals of technical design in mechanical, electrical, engineering and hydraulic systems to make them better trained professionals with knowledge wider than what is strictly necessary to teach the profession.
  3. Provide management and trainers in VET exposure to and training in the InternPrize dynamic in which the school creates relationships with the local business community so that together they create work based learning experience inside the school itself in key with the need to bring industry and VET/HE closer and open wider avenues for students into the labour market.
  4. Use the ErasmusBUS cross-disciplinary / sectoral learning experience to generate a strategy document on augmented learning in VET and HE through Bespoke and Modular Learning to be shared with players and decision makers who can have a positive impact on the future of education. The MODULearn strategy document about lifelong professional development through Modular Learning will also have contributions from world-wide experts and researches on the topic making it a document of world-wide relevance on the future of VET 


MAG brings into to project the experience gained by its members, which have been involved in several European projects, mainly in the LLP and Erasmus+ programs, having acquired all the competences for properly managing these kinds of projects.

The long-term experience of Uninettuno University in distance learning and in the design and realization of OERs will be a key aspect for the success of the project. The availability of a multi-lingual e-learning web-platform will ensure the possibility to efficiently start the delivery process of the courses in a short time. Also, the procedures for the production of e-learning didactic materials will allow to efficiently transfer to the partners the required skills and to realize high-quality contents.

MAG will adopt the Uninettuno web-platform for the development of the project, bringing a qualified and ready-to-use tool into the project. In addition, thanks to the cooperation activities of its members, MAG is part of a wide network of contacts that will be useful to disseminate and exploit the project outcomes. The University dissemination channels (social networks, web-tv, satellite tv) will be another added value for the project.

MAG already developed and delivered courses addressing journalists continuous professional development, accredited by Italian Journalists Register, and will bring the expertise of its researchers in developing training contents in this specific field.


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